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gall-bladderShame on you for punishing your poor little gallbladder for being what you made him. Most of us understand that children need positive healthy environments to thrive. There are always outliers that are able to break the mold and be successful despite the worst conditions. That is the American Dream after all. There’s a reason it is called a dream, however. While some have the ability or fortune to make it big despite their terrible circumstances, this is the exception, not the rule. The same holds true for a person’s health.

It’s unreasonable to expect people to thrive regularly when they don’t have the resources that others do. The same is true of your health. We all know that person that lived to be 86 even though they smoked, and drank and ate candy regularly. This is becoming a much less common occurrence, however, because there are more and more foods and drugs and surgeries that negatively affect our health. True we are living longer but not always healthier.

In today’s modern world we have more knowledge and more availability of quality organic foods, and health care like chiropractic that doesn’t use drugs or surgery, but not everyone takes advantage of these things. Too often our first choice is often the easiest not the best. Nowhere is it truer than when it comes to organ removal surgeries. Certainly, there are cases in which an emergency surgery is necessary but rarely are these situations that couldn’t have been avoided if proper steps had been taken prior to or at the first sign of problems.

One of the most abused and discarded of these amazing organs is the gallbladder. One of the most common forms of treatment in conventional healthcare is to remove an organ that is causing symptoms. In theory, this gets rid of the symptoms. The problem is that no one thinks to ask why ‘you have symptoms in the first place.’ Like with the children mentioned above, you can hardly expect your organs to thrive and function well (be successful) when they are not given the proper nutrients (resources).  What a horrific idea it would be to just euthanize those children who are struggling to survive and be productive members of society. Sadly, this is often what happens to our organs when we seek medical counsel.

Your gallbladder didn’t necessarily do anything wrong. Your gallbladder is often blamed for something you did. If your gallbladder is infected or inflamed or blocked up with stones because of how you treat it. As parents, we are often held responsible for our children’s behavior until they become adults. Your gallbladder has no such rite of passage and should always be considered an innocent child. Meaning, if he acts up, it’s likely your own fault!

Don’t worry though there is help available. Just like with parenting, we don’t always have all the answers. Sometimes we need the help of a professional to find the root cause of the problem. The same way that a psychologist (specifically those who avoid pharmaceuticals to treat all their patients’ problems) can help you identify and discuss the cause of your child’s behavioral problems. A holistic physician can help identify what nutritional deficiencies you may have that are causing your poor little gallbladder to act out.

It’s important to remember that a medical doctor is often not going to have the knowledge to help address your nutritional needs. He/she is not trained for that and his/her work is dedicated to the removal of symptoms not the health of the patient, which includes your gallbladder. After all, you can’t say you’re making the WHOLE patient healthy if you’re cutting out parts that they can still use.

Think of your medical doctor like the police in our previous example of misbehaving children. They are vital in an emergency if they become dangerous or violently inflamed. However, most parents realize the dangers of calling the cops at the first sign that their child has a problem stealing or taking drugs. The punishment for these crimes can be devastating and put the child in jail at the first sign of a behavioral problem could prove to be more dangerous than helpful. Alternatively, looking for a psychologist or other professional that help determine the root cause of the behavior problem will help find and fix the cause of the behavioral symptoms, thus avoiding the need for extreme intervention.

Your gallbladder, like all your organs, is your responsibility to take care of. They need the best quality resources/nutrition to keep them working well. Don’t be afraid to look in unconventional places for a knowledgeable professional. Like cops, there are lots of medical doctors available, but not all are well suited or properly trained for chronic nutritional problems. Don’t wait until your gallbladders starts making massive stones or having serious gallbladder attacks. Find a healthcare professional that understands how to improve the health of your gallbladder not just euthanize it when it starts acting out. The best type of healthcare professional that is qualified to help you provide better resources/nutrition to your gallbladder is going to be a holistic doctor. Often a chiropractor can help with this.

Please realize that a chiropractor cannot and will not treat your diseased gallbladder, gallbladder stones or gallbladder inflammation. A chiropractor or other holistic doctor may be able to help identify potential nutritional deficiencies and prescribe whole foods and whole food supplements. It’s true that these dietary and supplement prescriptions can and have resulted in improved health for their patients including the health of their gallbladder or other organs.

If you would like to learn more about utilizing whole food supplements to improve your health call Corrective Chiropractic for a consultation. Remember, your gallbladder is an innocent child and he needs your help.


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