Never Judge a Chiropractic Office by its Cover

Never Judge a Chiropractic Office by its CoverNever Judge a Chiropractic Office by its Cover

Never judge a book by its cover.

The same should be applied to a chiropractor. Often chiropractors who treat primarily injuries from whiplash and car accident patients have a stigma surrounding them as an “ambulance chaser”. Admittedly, chiropractors may earn this title from time to time but simply having an chiropractic office where a majority of patients originate from car accidents is not a good way to determine whether or not the chiropractor is providing high volume and poor quality care as is often the assumption or conversely he or she is assumed to be a whiplash injury expert.

Think of it this way.

There are a lot of businesses that are very different from chiropractic. Some specialize in a very small niche and are good some are bad. Some serve enormous markets and are good and others are bad. Let me give you some examples.
If you study this graph you can see Picturehow the number of products or services offered does not directly correlate with the quality of the product or service.  Meaning a chiropractor who treats only car accident and whiplash patients, it does not mean the chiropractic care is guaranteed to be of high quality and that he/she is a whiplash injury expert.  The opposite is also true. A who treats a variety of patients does is not guaranteed to have poor quality care.

So how do I know if my chiropractor is the right person to treat my whiplash induced injury?

This is a hard question to answer. The best advice is to find a chiropractor that does have experience with injuries from whiplash and car accident injuries first of all. Some chiropractors do not advertise this so that it is easily known so that they can avoid the stigma that is attached to “that type” of chiropractor.

So be sure to call and set up a consultation to find out what he/she does and what their experience is and why he believes he is the best suited to treat your whiplash induced injuries.  If the answer you get is “We do that all the time” or “We see lots of patients with injuries from whiplash” be sure to dig deeper. After all, that chiropractic office may just have a bigger or better advertising budget. You don’t to go somewhere just because more people are familiar with them because they have the most commercials or the location with the visibility.

Do your best to ask what makes that chiropractor the best-skilled whiplash chiropractor in the area so you can feel confident that you are getting the best chiropractic care for you whiplash induced injury and not just the most advertised? Call Corrective Chiropractic in Greenville, NC today to schedule a consultation to see why we believe we are the best Eastern, North Carolina when it comes to whiplash care and more.

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