Take Charge of Your Own Health!

Take Charge of Your Own Health!

A Quick Look Into Scoliosis Nutrition

The beauty and appeal of healthcare programs such as chiropractic is that it puts the power over your health back into your own hands.  Learning about your spinal structure can give you an understanding of how to care for your spine and maintain your health & mobility.

By viewing yourself from a picture or in front of a mirror you find that your left shoulder is higher than your right. Something you may want to consider is it might not be a good idea to rest your arm on the car window while driving.  If your right hip is higher than the left, only cross your left leg over your right, never vice versa.  Does your neck feel sore after working on the computer?  Try raising the bottom of your monitor to eye level to help keep the curve in your neck. Then sit on the edge of your chair to keep the curve in your low back.

Also, you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day (for example, a 160-pound person should drink ten 8-ounce cups of water).

Not soda, coffee, fruit juice, or sports drinks – WATER!

The discs that cushion the bones of your spine are 88% water.  If your body is dehydrated, the discs are the first to suffer.  Once the discs lose their ability to cushion the spine from the stresses of gravity, your posture will begin to deteriorate much more rapidly, and the nerves that run from your spinal cord to every single cell in your body will lose their ability to keep those cells healthy.

Why then is this important to scoliosis patients? The question should be what isn’t important to scoliosis patients? Answer: Everything is important and plays a more vital role than someone without scoliosis.

We have a lot to learn about Scoliosis and Nutrition.

Positive results have come from several chiropractors that have focused more on an alkaline diet, as well as finding out metabolic typing. There is not a great deal of study and double blind studies on the topic so a lot of the information is from very few cases among several chiropractors that I have the opportunity to discuss with.

I agree that there is a magnesium depletion and studies have shown calcium in the tissue instead of the bone.  We provide patients with whole food supplements from Standard Process™ that help to build up proper calcium and magnesium. I recommend some MediHerb™ options as well to aid in digestion and sleep. A number of issues that scoliosis can have on the organs are just not measured but is evident in the lives of our current patients. Anything that aids them in functioning better is my number one concern.

I encourage a natural, organic diet.

Over the last few years, I have concentrated on the nutritional and biochemical reasoning for scoliosis. When I started encouraging scoliosis patients to an 80% alkaline (veg) and 20% acid diet along with feeding them more Standard Process™ whole food supplements to support mineral deficiencies.

I am well aware that one diet fits all approach does not work for everyone. This is why metabolic typing takes into account scoliosis patient’s autonomic system and oxidative rates.  Utilizing saliva and hair mineral analysis to dial in the necessary supplements and foods to use and avoid.  I have seen consistencies, a relative deficiency of magnesium as compared to calcium which tended to be in the high range.

This is just the scratch of the surface but at Corrective Chiropractic Greenville NC our focus is on the details for our patients!




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