Whole Food Supplements and Not So Whole Food Supplements

Whole Food Supplements and Not So Whole Food Supplements

Every couple of years, or whole food supplementsless, another pyramid marketing company boast their newest, proprietary supplement line or weight loss products. Stop getting fooled. These products are NOT healthy by their very nature. They, like so many processed food-like products, are nothing special. “But Dr. Wickstrom, they have this new antioxidant, probiotic, amino acid, vitamin and mineral, transdermal, sublingual, proprietary blend that is premium naturopathic, all natural… pill, powder, patch, shake etc.” Yes, that may be mostly true but that doesn’t mean that it’s any better than whole foods. At the end of the day, all you have is another person’s attempt to patent a specific “formula” that only one company can sell and make money off of.

The best way to make money selling something is to be excited about the product and have knowledge (even if only perceived knowledge) about the product. No one wants to buy something from a “Debbie Downer” who could care less if you get their magic bean shake mix. You want to feel confident in your purchase. You’re more likely to feel that way with someone who swears up and down that their ultra, fancy, high-tech, science vitamin and a mineral patch is THE latest and greatest advancement in the world of human nutrition and will be sure to make you super human healthy.

The reason it’s often so easy to deceive the masses is because many people are able to:

  • Get healthier despite the chemicals and highly processed products because they often eat fewer calories and exercise in conjunction with the “new” health program.

  • People often assume that less weight and more muscle automatically means better health and usually it does but

  • It doesn’t mean that you are healthier solely because of the shake, patch, pill etc. that you are taking with the new eating and exercising program.

Most people who see results using these programs are exercising in addition to taking the new “health-shake”. Another consistent change is that these fancy product program schemes often contain tips and guides for eating. These programs help take the guess work out of regulating your food intake that often make it so difficult for many of us when trying to get healthier. If you did just these two things without using the fancy “new scientifically formulated health shake” you’d likely get similar results. If you used whole foods and whole food supplements with exercise and discipline eating you’d get amazing results.

Sadly many of the people peddling these pyramid products often buy into their own “health” propaganda and believe so wholly that their product is so great that it is actually better than fresh organic local fruit and vegetables. This is what we call a very humanistic and stupid view of life. Humans will not create something that makes you healthier by bypassing the very process of digestion. Transdermal patches are not good nutrition. Why don’t you just start selling I.V. food in a bag? If getting your sustenance from “scientific” concoctions that bypass your digestive system really made people healthier and function better, every pro athlete would be utilizing this amazing advancement. But they don’t because you can’t improve on the actual food designed for us and available in nature.

Clearly, not all products are bad just because you can turn a profit.

The problem lies with the overabundance of erroneous or misleading information that is spoon fed those on the bottom of the pyramid. Such information is often altruistic and not supported by facts but somehow is always “The result of scientific research and years spent perfecting the formula.” Yet, to this day, no “perfect” formula exists, at least not a man-made formula. The reason for that is because man can NOT improve on the food found fresh from an organic local or ideally backyard farm or orchard. The obsessive “can’t take no for an answer” attitude that is ubiquitous with these pyramid product peddlers is not there because their product(s) is so wholesome and healthy, even if they think it is. They’re aggressive and excited because that’s how you sell shit.

If man could make something superior in quality and healthy properties, we would have done it a long time ago. Our best solution to being healthy will always be using organic methods to grow our food. The next best option is to supplement using whole food supplements. The less your food is processed the better. Meaning, the less you fuck with the better. E.g. pasteurized, homogenized, heating, chemical additives, preservatives, etc. Again, not ALL food preservation is wholly unhealthy. Fermentation is a good example of natural preservation. But again, fermentation is a process that does not involve chemicals and excess heat. Ultimately, most food is going to do more for you and your health when it is eaten ripe and unprocessed as close to the source, the dirt it was grown in, as possible.


Supplements should be just that, a supplement to your overall intake of food. Somewhere along the way though these pyramid schemes utilized a lot of fancy scientific and healthy words to create an authoritative and convincing message that the best nutrition comes from a lab and not nature. We need to stop deifying man and recognize that the best source of food and consequently, better health, comes from fresh, local, organic fruits, vegetables and ethically pasture raised meats.  This principle holds true when finding the best supplements and healthiest weight loss or detox programs. At Corrective Chiropractic, we use Standard Process and MediHerb supplements exclusively.

“Since 1929, Standard Process has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements and the whole food philosophy introduced by Dr. Royal Lee. Discover just how resilient your body can be when given the proper nutrition. “

You don’t NEED supplements to get healthy and in better shape but they can help, as long as you use whole food supplements with the least amount of processing.

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