Chiropractic & Medicine: Compare and Contrast

Chiropractic & Medicine- Compare and ContrastMost people have a medicine cabinet full with a plethora of pharmacological drugs. Got a symptom and they’ve got a pill. As a chiropractor, I see a reason for that cough, cold, runny nose, allergies, watery eyes and all the other not so pleasant manifestations of a less than a healthy body.  In fact, that’s just it.  These symptoms are not just something to get sought out and destroyed by whatever means necessary.  They are warning signs, the smoke under the hood, that are evidence the body is functioning at less than optimal.

Fortunately, the good Lord didn’t leave us without safe and effective means to keep us healthy in such a broken world. The challenge is deciphering the nutritional support that has the potential to help the body power through that bacterial or viral infection. Better yet is knowing that we don’t have to rely on multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporations for overpriced and often dangerous and ineffective drugs.

Let’s be clear, I don’t hate medicine, the medical profession or those involved in it.

I do, however, hate seeing patients putting their trust and hope into a drug to “cure” them of something that was not caused by a drug deficiency. Drugs can do extraordinary things, both great and terrible depending on how they are used. It’s important to understand what they are NOT, however. Drugs are not food and have no nutritional value. They are not given for their vitamin or mineral content and they do NOT make the body function better.  Drugs are excellent in that they can manipulate, for better or worse, the body’s regulatory functions.

Sometimes this is essential so that you don’t die.

Having a heart attack and blood thinners like aspirin or nitroglycerin can save your life but they will never correct the cause of that heart attack and they will always affect your body in other negative ways. This is why all, yes ALL, drugs have potential side effects. We were never intended to ingest these poisons. Your body functions by digesting and absorbing and utilizing an enormous number of different compounds including vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. We use these as the literal building blocks of the cells, tissues, and organs that control and regulate our body. Every one of these cells is more complex than a space shuttle. Trying to regulate and manipulate such a complicated system, that we don’t even come close to wholly understanding, is both arrogant and reckless.

The drugs as a whole are not really the problem.

The practice of over prescribing them so that your blood pressure or cholesterol or hormones are where we think they should be is the issue. To be more specific, drugs FORCE this change, which again can be necessary for emergencies. Manipulating your body’s physiology chemically on a daily or reoccurring basis for a prolonged state while ignoring the underlying condition is asking for trouble. The reason it’s such a problem is two-fold:

  1. You’re NOT addressing the reason for your body’s improper function that is resulting in your symptom(s).
  2. The drug you are taking to manipulate your body’s function while not improving it. It is, in fact, using poison to alter it.

Most of us can agree with #1. Despite that drug use in the United States is not going down because at this point it seems that many people see drugs as their only viable option. Deep down we know that exercise and nutrition can help.  More and more are seeing the benefits of improving your health by avoiding toxins, a positive mental state and, of course, proper nerve function via chiropractic. However, even the best of us and those most dedicated to a “natural” drug-free lifestyle will often find their way to a prescription or two when they hear scary words like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypothyroid etc.

Who can blame them, though?

Our culture seems to follow the golden rule. “Those with all the gold makes the rules.” And drug companies have billions of dollars to pollute the media with magazines, commercials, billboards, sponsors, “non-profit” organizations, TV shows, movies, hospitals, peer-reviewed research journals, the research itself and the list goes on and on. It’s hard for anyone, a medical doctor who goes against the orthodox drug treatments, a chiropractor, a holistic doctor or anyone who tries to use natural noninvasive and non-chemical treatments to help their patients.

It’s hard to compete with so much propaganda.

Lately, there has been a big push for our communities to support LOCAL businesses instead of the huge corporations. Specifically, local food has become very popular. Given the option between local or not most people innately gravitate towards a product of food that is local made. It’s just nice to know who made it, where it’s coming from and that you’re supporting your community instead of sending that money somewhere it just adds to a seven figure salary where it’s about profit more than service.

Sadly this is not the attitude that we have when it comes to health care and when it comes to your health it’s perfectly understandable to put that as a priority over “supporting local”. The problem is that we assume and have been told over and over and over that those drugs are the only viable option. With all that money and fancy commercials and research facilities, it must be good right…? Or is it that it’s mostly just good for the bottom line? The problem is that if you really want to know more you can’t.

Pharmaceutical companies are the antithesis of local business. If you have questions or concerns good luck trying to talk with the people that design or sell these drugs. The medical doctors don’t even have that opportunity. Often their only interaction to learn about the drugs they prescribe is through a drug rep that has NO medical background.

Believing these drugs are safe and effective because Big Pharma says so is just as foolish as believing cigarettes are safe because Big Tobacco says so.

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